Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This story pushed at me all day yesterday, and is responsible for causing me to create this blog. It isn't long enough to publish for sale, but it had to be written. It is my gift to you. Before you start reading, let me warn you that it depicts a BDSM scene and is highly explicit. If that isn't your thing, please wait for the next fragment, which may well be pure romance.

Fragment 1
I wait, tense with...what? Anticipation? Apprehension? I don’t know, I’m just tense. And uncomfortable. And blind. Not blind, blindfolded, I remind myself. I catalog the sensations my body is sending me. Back arched, almost painfully, over a pad that is upholstered with leather or something like it. Head supported just above the back of my neck on something that feels like a large pipe or the arm of a chair, but below my torso, it feels as if my head is dangling precariously back. There is a wide collar around my neck from my lower throat to just under my chin. My small breasts are stretched until they all but disappear, except for the nipples, erect and questing. My legs are splayed, each draped over another support, leaving my shaven pussy open and unprotected. My arms are threaded under me, below my back, and shackled to my ankles. This bends my lower legs back and thrusts my mound forward.

Footsteps echo in this place and I am instantly alert. Is it beginning? Warm hands slick with aromatic oil enfold me. As they stroke every part of me, I press myself into them to the best of my ability, though I can move only a little, trussed and displayed as I am. Now they are rubbing the oil into my breasts, now across my pussy and down the insides of my thighs, now between the cheeks of my ass and across the opening there. I am lost in the luxury of it and no longer feel discomfort. I sigh in disappointment when the hands leave me and the footsteps recede. I wait longer.

No footsteps this time, he must have taken off his shoes. He removes my blindfold and looks deeply into my eyes, then disappears from my view. Cold rubber is pressed against my pussy, and I hear a buzzing noise as the device wanders here and there between my legs. It doesn’t take long to become warm and slick, my hot body lending its own warmth and juices to the device, which now, oh! oh! ummmm, is pressing against my clit. I wriggle. Am I trying to get away or trying to press closer? Against this relentless assault, I am helpless, and the orgasm builds almost painfully fast. Ahhhhhhhhhh, I scream. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, unh. Stop, please stop now, I can’t stand it. It doesn’t stop. I am shaking and crying.

I don’t even notice when a second man approaches from behind my head, until a pair of dark legs, a large penis and heavy balls enter my vision. My eyes widen, and just at that moment the device shoved into my pussy makes me scream. He shoves his cock into my mouth, taking advantage of the opportunity, and I grunt in surprise. Why am I surprised? I knew that cock was going into my mouth the moment I saw it, didn’t I? He presses it further, until I gag, and then pulls out a little. Tells me to put my tongue out and keep it out, as he rubs against it. I want to suck, but he has not given his permission. I hold my mouth wide open as he fucks it, and watch his body press into my face. I am making noises I realize, umm, umm, umm, in rhythm with his thrusts. A second cock is rammed home into my pussy. Ah! Ah, that’s good. Fuck me! Fuck me harder! I can’t say it because my mouth is full of delicious black cock, but my moans encourage both men.

The man at my head leaves, oh, no. Please come back. Please put your cock in my mouth again, oh, there you are. He has taken off his clothes and my eyes drink him in as he approaches, engorged rod jutting out proudly. God, I can’t believe that fits all the way into my throat. No wonder it gags me. He takes it in his hand and slaps me with it, as I open my mouth and try to catch it there. Open your mouth, he commands, and offers me his balls. Suck, he says. Mmmm, mmmm, I lick and suck as my small body is pounded from the other end. One more taste of cock, shoved all the way down my throat. This time I suck and the reward is a grunt from him. Now both rods are withdrawn. No! What’s happening?

Now a pink shaft enters my vision, not quite as big as the black one, which must be what is entering my pussy now. Oh, yeah, yeah, give it to me, all of it. I open my mouth for the white man, and he too fucks it, while the man between my legs lifts me into him. I slip over the edge of another orgasm when he circles my clit with his thumb. Oh, god! This orgasm is not deep, but it is long, and I hardly notice when the man in my mouth cums. Suddenly I’m choking. I can’t swallow, the collar and the angle restrict my airway and I am drowning, but the orgasm rolls on, building in intensity until in desperation I twist my head to escape the cock in my mouth. Spit it out, he says, and with relief, I rid myself of the sticky death trap. My body is heaving, sucking in air as if it were life itself. Oh yeah, it is.

I am so focused on my breathing as he puts his cock back into my mouth, holding my head still so I can’t get away, that I lose concentration below. The man between my legs slaps me, first on the sides of my legs, and then slaps my pussy. Ow! He withdraws and they change places again. Now I have the black cock in my mouth, and I think I am done with this, no more. I scream and turn, but each time he pulls my head back into position and rams his shaft down my throat. I jump when the vibrator is applied to my clit again. Oh, this is too much! I can’t take more! I splinter in overwhelming pleasure, screaming, as the man at my head tells me to keep him in my mouth. I suck hard to make him come, but he withdraws again and walks around to push into my throbbing pussy. Ah, ah, fuck. Fuck!

A sharp sting crosses my breasts. My eye catches a leather flogger just before it whirls and lands on my tits again. My pussy clenches at the pleasure/pain; the man between my legs circles my clit again, and then is gone. As the flogger moves to cover the rest of my body with stings, I cry out loudly until once again the black cock is shoved into my wide-open mouth. He slaps my breasts as the flogger tickles and stings my pussy. I am losing track of where the sensation is coming from. Now a cock is in my pussy again, and then it is gone, replaced by the sting of the flogger on my lips and clit. Now the flogger stings my whole torso, especially the nipples that have drawn into such tight buds that the barbell in the piercing on my left nipple stands out where the straps can catch it, tweaking that side even more. I can sense that the next orgasm will be earth shattering. It is building, but my senses are overwhelmed and it’s going to take even more intense sensations to bring it home.

As if he knows exactly what I need, while black man fucks me, white man carefully places clothespins on my breasts. First, the right, one on each side of the areola and then the coup de grace, one directly on the nipple that protrudes erect from the middle. I am whimpering, too overwhelmed to know whether I feel pleasure or pain, but the pain part subsides and my breast is open to more sensation. Now he gives the left the same treatment. The piercing interferes but little and I scream my pleasure as the last clothespin captures the nipple. My head is swimming, my thoughts unformed. I am pure feeling, and I’m transported somewhere in the universe where I have never been.

When the other cock enters my mouth, it completes me. Now the vibrator is at my clit again, and big fingers enter me, exploring for the spot that will send me flying. The man at my head flicks the clothespins, sending jolts of electricity from my nipples to my pussy, which clenches around the fingers convulsively. Now he is removing the clothespins, leaving the middle ones for last. When he removes those, blood rushes back into the nerves there and takes me a notch higher. He takes each erect nipple between thumb and middle finger and pulls upward, and then lets them slip out abruptly; and then again.  As the other man’s fingers find the g-spot and his free hand presses the vibrator to my clit, my nerve endings are firing everywhere. One more stroke and the world disappears into a kaleidoscope. Somewhere I can hear myself screaming, YES! YES! YES! FUCK!

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